Doormat Privacy Policy

the no-log, no-track privacy policy for websites

Doormat Privacy Policy

Version 1.0.1,

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This is a standard privacy policy. Any website can link to this policy from its privacy page to show that it follows this policy when it comes to personal information about its visitors.


The website does not collect, store, or share information about you, with one exception: it may temporarily record and use the Internet Protocol address of your computer to recognize and defend against denial-of-service and other technical attacks.


Whether you use the Do Not Track HTTP header feature of your web browser or not, the website does not use cookies or other ways to track you. It doesn't direct your computer to make requests to other websites or services for tracking purposes, either.


The website does not share any information about you with advertisers, marketing companies, or anyone else.


If the website’s privacy page lists service providers, such as web hosting companies, the website uses their services to help provide its content. You should look at the privacy notices of each of those service providers, as well. Their policies may differ from this one.


If you have comments or questions about the privacy policies of the website, use the contact information on the website’s privacy page.


The website may change its privacy policy at any time. Check its privacy page for the latest.